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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for trying out GuildPortal for Darkmist Legion Guards!!  This portal is for all our member's, current and future to stay on top of events, messaging and other guild related issues for WOW players.

   Darkmist Legion Guards is a leveling guild with a number of ranks achievable all the way up to High Commander for the truly devoted.
   We currently are welcoming anyone needing a guild, help with leveling, professions and any other means to make your World of Warcraft experiece the best it can be!
    The guild will be announcing daily dungeon runs from the beginners all the way up through the elite and heroic runs a number of times a week. Our level 70+ players do everything we can to help those rising to be the best the Alliance can serve up. (We do not have a Horde side for this guild).
   For any questions or to join our guild please feel free to IM Eble our Guild Master with invite! We accept level 20 players and up. If Eble is unobtainable please feel free to contact Octanis, Vendelletta or site constructor Essere in world and we'll get you the hookup!

*At this time we will be using this page the way it is, when affordable Ess will purchase and run a full-time page thru this site!*

Other Guild News

Interested in raiding ICC?

Hippylight, Apr 5, 10 8:22 PM.
People who are have interest in raiding with <Essence of Malice> The raiding guild that itsmagicman and vendingmachn and Ehable run, please be aware of a few key facts.

1. Your gearscore must be over 2600, there are exceptions to this rule however those exceptions are dependent on skill level

2. You must be generally good at your class. Don't expect us to raid with you if you are doing less than 3k dps, or are uncomfortable healing/tanking a 10 man.

3. This goes with the above post, optimally we want you doing 5k dps single target, or be able to heal 3k hps.

4. Be ready to raid on the weekends.
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